Cost Of Implants OKC

How Much Are Implants In Oklahoma?

 How much are dental implants in Oklahoma? It is no surprise that one of the biggest questions about implants is what they will cost. The price one will pay depends on a few key factors and will vary based on each individuals needs and choice of provider. The quality of the work performed as well as the materials does certainly comes into play. It is Important to understand that a completed implant procedure can take around one year and involves several steps. Not all patients will require an extraction or grafting. The steps and average prices for implants in Oklahoma City are shown here. Please note that the prices shown are relative to high quality workmanship and materials. With procedures being performed by one our highly acclaimed OKC Dental Implants members the entire process can cost up to five thousand per tooth.

OKC Dental Implant members are best in class and not necessarily the cheapest OKC dental implant providers you may find.

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Cost of Tooth Extraction OKC

Tooth Extraction

For tooth extraction in Oklahoma City you should expect to pay around $300.00

This is the first step in the dental implant procedure.  When you have a tooth extraction procedure, our OKC Dental Implants member dentist will numb the area with a local anesthetic. You might also receive an anti-anxiety medication or a sedative injection. If the dental extraction involves an impacted tooth, the tooth could be broken into pieces before it's removed. 

tooth extraction

Cost Of Bone Grafting OKC

Bone Grafting

For bone grafting in Oklahoma City you should expect to pay around $700.00

Bone grafting can begin about two weeks after an extraction.   Bone grafting may be a necessary part of the process when it comes to inserting a dental implant. Contemporary bone grafting generally includes obtaining bone from a cadaver source or an animal source to replace missing bone and build support structure for the placement of your implant.  While time-consuming, bone grafts can be an essential and needed part of the implant process. Afterwards, patients may experience typical  discomfort, such as gum or skin swelling or bruising and minor bleeding,  but these common side effects go away quickly. There can also be some diet restrictions, such as only being able to consume soft foods while  the mouth heals, following each stage of the bone graft and implant procedure. 

bone grafting

Cost Of Dental Implants OKC

Dental Implant

For dental implants in Oklahoma City you should expect to pay around $2700.00

The dental implant procedure can begin within three to Six months after bone grafting. This will start with placing the titanium dental implant post into the jawbone.  Finally, once healing is complete, our board certified periodontist will place the support, an extension of the implants metal post, into the jaw. Time must be allowed for the soft tissue to heal. After healing, molds of the teeth and jawbone are taken, and the procedure of  inserting the final dental crown can begin. 

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Cost Of Dental Crowns OKC

Dental Crown

For a dental crown in Oklahoma City you should expect to pay around $1700.00

The process of placing a crown on an implant can begin about four to six months after the implant procedure has been completed.  Dental crowns are anchored prosthetic restorations made to rebuild a damaged tooth to its original shape and size. They’re permanently permanently fastened to the implants. Dental crowns basically replace the outer facet of the “crown” part of a normal tooth, so this is why the restorations are called  “crowns.”  Porcelain or ceramic crowns can be paired to the coloring of your natural teeth. Other substances include gold and metal alloys, acrylic and ceramic. These alloys are generally more durable than porcelain and may be  recommended for back teeth. Porcelain bonded to a metal shell is often used because it is both strong and attractive. 

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