Our Team providing outstanding dental implants in OKC

About The Group Of OKC Dental Experts

In addition to the best dental implants and general dentistry in Oklahoma City we have many other dental care providers. From periodontists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants to lab technicians,office staff, and dental marketing experts we all know the best customer experience comes from a genuine care and concern for patients. The goal is to ensure every appointment is comfortable, relieves any pain or discomfort,  and meets all of your expectations. You are the priority!

Exclusive Membership

OKC Dental Implant members have even trained under highly regarded experts including the founder of Misch International Implant Institute Carl E. Misch DDS, MDS, PhD. Our doctors implement the latest technology combined with years of experience. Even perfecting methods for implant supported dentures. This gives patients the best fit and bite possible. With a very close understanding of the problems and pain oral and maxillofacial issues can cause. Our doctors strive to eliminate problems at every opportunity.

Top Implants

With OKC Dental Implants the emphasis is on providing the highest quality dental implants in the state of Oklahoma.  Often times dentures work best in combination with implants. Our leading implant specialists can even personally handcraft each patients dentures. Other experts perform similar procedures but few have the experience to steer clear of issues with implants the way an OKC Dental Implants doctor can. Personally handcrafting dentures how our members are doing this results in the most aesthetically pleasing appearance.