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Why OKC Dental Implants?

Dental Implant Experts

 We are a group of dedicated dental implant experts, improving and maintaining your oral health. Whether you need preventative care, cosmetic dentistry, top quality implants or oral surgery, you will be in great hands. Most importantly our dental implant experts and other doctors selflessly address any discomfort a patient may have. In addition to highly trained periodontists, we also have specialists in general dentistry. Dental implants by an experienced periodontist make all the difference. Dental implants that perform better also offer a better, base for more comfortable implant supported dentures, that you can learn more about here. Oklahoma City Dental Implants is here to serve your needs including maxillofacial, prosthetics, implants, and dentures.

Experienced Dental Professionals

Real expert dentists and periodontists are hard to find. We understand this is an important decision and we want the best possible outcome for your dental implants, by providing the expertise and experience to take care of your oral health needs the right way. We offer Oklahoma City dental services that are unsurpassed. Addressing your needs with our expert dental implant specialists can save you money and further complications.

The Latest Treatments,Tools, and Knowledge

 We provide quality, custom, personalized, oral health care solutions, including the most highly regarded dental implants in Oklahoma City. Using the latest dental technology, research and tools. along with continuing education, we make sure your care with our periodontist is as comfortable and efficient as possible. Implant supported dentures are one of the latest techniques being perfected at OKC Dental Implants 



🦷 I am a dentist specializing in Prosthodontics and Maxillofacial Prosthetics. Primarily my practice is in treating patients with cancer,   birth defects, or traumatic injuries to the face and mouth, however I  do  also treat patients needing routine teeth replacement (fillings,  implants, crowns, dentures, partials, etc.). Additionally, I am capable  of providing prosthetic replacement of facial structures such as eyes, ears, & nose, I'm located at 4517 Memorial Cir, Oklahoma City, OK 73142 (405)755-7777  

lake hefner

lake hefner


🦷 Combining all of my education and ongoing training has allowed me to perfect a one of a kind method of attaching hand  crafted dentures to implants that allow optimum bite and fit. Patients  who choose under denture implants have the flexibility of having the  implant procedure done in affordable stages. They are truly the pinnacle of aesthetic perfection and when matched with my implant technique are far superior to others methods. Improving my dental skills has always been the goal.

 I'm located at  3906 NW 10th St B, Oklahoma City, OK 73107 (405)942-6222  

Oklahoma City dental office

Oklahoma City dental office



🦷 OKC Dental Implants is able to refine its Oklahoma Dental offering by working with dental experts who perform both general dentistry and dental implant. This is beneficial for everyone involved. Oklahoma City dental practices who are providing top quality dentistry and implants are welcome to join. Okctopdentist@gmail.com

implants in Oklahoma City

implants in Oklahoma City 

Working Great As A Group

OKC Dental Implants and Top Dentist is able to refine its Oklahoma dental offerings by working with experts that perform both general dentistry and dental implants. This is beneficial for everyone. We welcome dental professionals to inquire about joining the OKC top Dentist Blog. We're also are happy to share our marketing departments skill and love learning more from patients as well as experts in the field of dentistry.

Affordable Dentures And Implants OKC

Cheap Dental Implants?

One of the most common search terms for dental implants is 'Cheap Dental Implants'.

At OKC Dental Implants our focus is on providing the highest quality dental implants in Oklahoma City and not necessarily on advertising cheap dental implants. We also understand that some patients simply cannot afford to be out of pocket for very much. Given the time and expertise that goes into individual implants it is not always cost effective for everyone.

We do recommend All-on-4 for some patients which is sometimes a more affordable dental implant solution for some. We can also offer dentures and implant supported dentures which can save patients some money. Of course when possible the best and highest quality way to restore your teeth is through individual implants.

The process of individual implants takes about a year from start to finish. This involves extraction, grafting, implants, and finally a beautiful one of a kind crown. 

The term 'cheap dental implants' is relative and while we certainly try to help patients from every income level our primary objective is to provide the highest quality,yet best solution possible for each person. In general the best implants in Oklahoma City are individual implants provided by one of our most knowledgeable and experienced prosthodontists. Affordable dentures and dental implants are what many look for. Good implants are often what some can afford and we're happy to assist. Better is what we would prefer all of our patients receive if it is in the budget. Either way we are here to help at OKC Dental Implants.

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